1re place: 
Jennifer Haisan, PhD Candidate, University of Alberta
“Nutrient profile of the PMR may affect rumen fermentation more than the type of pellet feed”

2e place:
Ilona Parenteau, MSc Candidate, University of Guelph
“Egg production and quality responses to increasing isoleucene supplementation in a low crude protein corn-soybean diet fed to pullets 19 to 48 weeks of age”

3e place:
Caroline Knoblock, MSc Candidate, University of Alberta
“Supplementation of a Saccharomyces cerevisiae fermentation product during the calving transition period may decrease inflammation of dairy cows”



1re place:
Amarakoon Mudiyanselage Sirini Buddhika Kumari Amarakoon, University of Manitoba, MSc
“Effect of dietary supplementation of plant based products on oxidative status of weanling piglets”

2e place:
Aline Remus, Université Laval, PhD
“Feed additives can reduce the impact of sanitary challenge by bacterias: a meta-analytic approach”

3e place:
Mélodie Langlais, Université de Montréal, MSc
“Decrease of minimal inhibitory concentration of essential oils and plant extract in presence of complex microbiota”