1st place: 
Vanessa Rotondo, MSc Candidate, University of Guelph
“Predicting live weight using linear measurements in growing beef calves”

2nd place:
Allison Welk, MSc Candidate, University of British Columbia
“Effects of grass hay vs. silage-based TMR on performance of dairy calves around weaning”

3rd place:
Emily Conlin, MSc Candidate, University of Guelph
“Performance and Environmental Benefits from Biochar Supplementation in Beef Cattle Grazing Systems”


1st place: 
Bonjin Koo, PhD Candidate, University of Manitoba
“Energy contents of heat-treated and intact dry extruded-expelled soybean meal fed to growing pigs”

2nd place:
Jinyoung Lee, PhD Candidate, University of Manitoba
“Standardized ileal digestible lysine requirements for 7- to 11-kg weanling pigs fed a corn-soybean meal-based diet”

3rd place:
Sayanthika Thevakumaran, MSc Candidate, University of Guelph
“Evaluating silage quality of perennial forages established with warm season anual companion crops”


1st place: 
Madeline Collins, MSc Candidate, University of Guelph
“Does Supplemental Methionine and Protein Improve Performance and Digestibility During Late Gestation in Beef Cows?”

2nd place:
Reza Akbari Moghaddam Kakhki, PhD Candidate, University of Guelph
“Improvement in skeletal development of ISA-brown pullets by maternal and post-hatch feeding of omega-three fatty acids”

3rd place:
Ilona Parenteau, MSc Graduate, University of Guelph
“Feeding reduced crude protein, amino acid balanced diets to laying hens has economic benefits beyond reducing feed costs”


1st place: 
Jennifer Haisan, PhD Candidate, University of Alberta
“Nutrient profile of the PMR may affect rumen fermentation more than the type of pellet feed”

2nd place:
Ilona Parenteau, MSc Candidate, University of Guelph
“Egg production and quality responses to increasing isoleucene supplementation in a low crude protein corn-soybean diet fed to pullets 19 to 48 weeks of age”

3rd place:
Caroline Knoblock, MSc Candidate, University of Alberta
“Supplementation of a Saccharomyces cerevisiae fermentation product during the calving transition period may decrease inflammation of dairy cows”


1st place:
Amarakoon Mudiyanselage Sirini Buddhika Kumari Amarakoon, MSc Candidate, University of Manitoba
“Effect of dietary supplementation of plant based products on oxidative status of weanling piglets”

2nd place:
Aline Remus, PhD Candidate, Université Laval
“Feed additives can reduce the impact of sanitary challenge by bacterias: a meta-analytic approach”

3rd place:
Mélodie Langlais, MSc Candidate, Université de Montréal
“Decrease of minimal inhibitory concentration of essential oils and plant extract in presence of complex microbiota”